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Apple's iPad 2 Performance

The iPad 2 launched internationally today.  In the U.S. the Apple store has a wait time of 4-5 weeks at the Apple Store.

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USB Peripheral for iPad Gaming

Okay this really isn’t USB Peripherals for iPad.  It’s like a USB Docking Station.  That base has a USB 2.0 Host in it.

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USB Software Alliance

We launched our USB Software Alliance program last week with our participants, Emsys, Jungo, MCCI, and MicroDigital.

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Day 7 without an iPod Touch

The nights are the worst.  I actually have to walk to my PC to check e-mail, news, or weather.  With my iPod Touch, I’d take it out of my pocket, get the weather for 1 of 12 locations in about 6 seconds.  I could check Google News, or check 3 e-mail accounts at once or look up something on Wikipedia like looking up the difference between Tartarus and Tartar Sauce.

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Apple iPad – 6061 Articles and this one

Apple says that 300,000+ iPads flew out it’s Apple Stores’ doors the first day.  Some analysts think that as many as 700,000 were sold in the first few days.

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