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Apple's iPad 2 Performance

The iPad 2 launched internationally today.  In the U.S. the Apple store has a wait time of 4-5 weeks at the Apple Store. A side-by-side comparison of the Galaxy Tab, Moto Xoom, iPad, and iPad 2 by Sencha showed iPad out performed all their competitors. The tests included: 1) JavaScript performance 2) HTML5/CSS3 features (CSS3 […]

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AppleOS only on USB

Apple announced the MacBook Air and the only way to install programs is either via the Internet or USB.  Of course, if the OS fails, and you have no internet, you have to use USB. So Apple ships a USB Flash Drive that re-installs your software to factory condition. How does Apple get away with […]

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USB Peripheral for iPad Gaming

Okay this really isn’t USB Peripherals for iPad.  It’s like a USB Docking Station.  That base has a USB 2.0 Host in it.   Game players, Party Game players take a wireless controller and play trivia type party games.                   On the back, you see the various […]

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USB Software Alliance

We launched our USB Software Alliance program last week with our participants, Emsys, Jungo, MCCI, and MicroDigital. Although we provide reference drivers and programming guides for our USB Cores (and other cores too), many of our customer outsource their software drivers to other companies. Projects differ.  A cell phone, digital camera, or a set top […]

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Day 7 without an iPod Touch

The nights are the worst.  I actually have to walk to my PC to check e-mail, news, or weather.  With my iPod Touch, I’d take it out of my pocket, get the weather for 1 of 12 locations in about 6 seconds.  I could check Google News, or check 3 e-mail accounts at once or […]

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Apple iPad – 6061 Articles and this one

Apple says that 300,000+ iPads flew out it’s Apple Stores’ doors the first day.  Some analysts think that as many as 700,000 were sold in the first few days. Stuff you’ve read and some you haven’t 1) In my opinion, we have never seen more, real excitement about a consumer product.  Only Game Consoles (PS3, […]

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