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USB 4.0 – Coming Soon

USB 4.0 will be backward compatible supporting all speeds including USB 3.2 and 2.0 speeds.
Existing devices will be able to connect to new USB 4.0 devices using USB Type-C connectors.
So everything you have at home, should work. Especially if it has earned the USB logo

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USB Audio Device Class 3.0

Welcome to what I call the second Wednesday of this week, or what you would call Thursday.  Here’s a blog on USB Audio Device Class 3.0

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An explanation of the USB Video Class (UVC)

Video Class, in this case, means moving video from a web camera or digital video camera to another device like a display, or PC, or game console.

UVC is built into Windows, Mac OX, Linux, FreeBSD, and the PS3.

Simply, UVC makes it easier by standardizing video drivers. So any Video Camera could use the standard UVC driver in those platforms. The Video Camera maker only needs to worry about the embedded firmware in the Video Camera itself.

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