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Welcome to the Chip Battle Royale: HDMI vs. DisplayPort (or USB Type-C). Who Will Win?

I love these kinds of questions It’s like asking if California has the best sunsets or places like Beijing or Kyoto or Seoul or Bangalore do. Which city has your favorite sunset? As marketing people, we ask and get asked this all the time. Which one will win?  Because with every battle royale there must […]

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The Universe’s first mobile phone with USB Type-C and DisplayPort

  Always on the lookout for USB products, our Technical Marketing Manager found the Huawei Mate 10 supporting both USB Type-C and DisplayPort. As far as we can tell, this is the very first phone ever to support both USB and DisplayPort through a single connector (Type-C) with the DisplayPort using Alternate mode. The Huawei […]

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How long will we be living USB Type-C dongle hell? Not Long I think

  There has been lots of chatter on dongles now that Apple taken the leap of faith and removed all ports on the new MacBook Pros except one, the USB Type-C (USB-C) port. Now while in my opinion this is a bold move in the right direction it does lead to a transition phase where […]

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VESA DisplayPort USB Type-C certification now available – Hot off the press

This week VESA announced the availability of the Early Certification Program for USB Type-C Devices Using DisplayPort Alt Mode. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) is officially launching its early certification test program for products incorporating the new USB Type-C connector and the DisplayPort Alternate Mode (“Alt Mode”) standard. The Synopsys DesignWare IP supports […]

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Relationships Between USB Specs, Part Two & Where to Learn more about Type-C and DisplayPort alt mode

Recently I blogged on the relationships between USB Type-C, USB 3.1, Power Delivery and DisplayPort specifications. In my last blog I simplified the view focusing on the important and latest specifications. I think the simplified view answer most designer’s questions but there are still a few that like to see the full history and complex […]

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Hot Topic of the week, the Samsung S7 does not have a USB Type-C port

The internet is all a buzz this week with news of the Samsung flagship S7 mobile phone. Yes it’s a beautiful phone packed to the brim with super features but sadly NO USB Type-C! instead the Samsung S7 has a Micro USB, old school to say the least. Many are asking the question why no […]

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State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 3 – Monitors using USB 3.0 for Video

Having finished off an entire bag of Siracha flavored potato chips left for me on Tuesday morning (Thanks Scott Knowlton, author of the PCIExpress Blog, !), I turn to the subject of monitors using USB 3.0 for Video. Why in the world would anyone use USB for Video? The answer is the Monitor becomes the […]

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Apple’s USB 3.0 DisplayPort Patent, Radiation, Cell Phones, and Bananas

Patently Apple reports today that Apple has applied for a patent on a combined USB 3.0 and DisplayPort connector. The great thing is we now know that Apple is at least thinking about USB 3.0.  The connector is (obviously) for their iPad, iPhone, iPod devices. I like to be positive about everything, but there is […]

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