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CES 2008 – Wireless USB – HP, Realtek

Some great news for Wireless USB.  Looks like HP is going to be deploying a few products with Certified Wireless USB this year, 2008 according to Rick Merritt in a discussion with Phil McKinney, Chief Technologist at HP.   The first products will be based on dongles, but this is a good start.  Phil tells Rick […]

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Wireless USB Gifts for 2007

Looks like the IOGear and other Certified Wireless USB products are available now on Amazon.  I just received a Google Alert telling me that Tom’ Hardware Review Holiday Gift Giving Guide recommends the IOGear product.  My dad has been bugging me for a USB 2.0 Hub, but I think this is better.  The USB 2.0 Hub […]

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Wireless USB Product Reviews, and Effective Throughput

The Price of CWUSB products.As I recall WiFi pairs when they were introduced were $500 or more at their introduction back in before 1999? And that was when $500 was worth something.  I adopted WiFi in 2003 when the pairs cost about $230.  As I recall this is around the time 802.11b was introduced at […]

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