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Will Wireless (data & charging) replace USB?

The big question on people’s minds is if wireless, data transfer and charging, will replace USB in the future. The simple answer is  NO, USB is here to stay. For the longer answer read on.

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USB 3.0 for Digital Video, The Economy, Ski Tech

We shot a video on an HD Sony DVC with an integrated hard drive.  I have to say this is a great prosumer camera.  We shot this video with about 12 takes, then transferred the video to two PCs.

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USB Won, Certified Wireless USB will Win. Really…

I agreed to do this blog because there is so little opinionated stuff debunking the debunkers of Wireless USB. Yes, I’m a USB chauvinist, and a Wireless USB chauvinist, but I understand how this stuff gets adopted and used.  At least in my own mind. 🙂

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