To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.2 University, The Foldable Phone, and International Standards

USB 3.2 University

Hey Blog Readers,

We are excited to start 2019 with a brand new session of USB University. This overview covers the changes for USB 3.2 enabling speeds of up to 20 Gbps over a 1 meter cable.  USB 3.2 also enables 10 Gbps over cables of 2-3 m long or about 2x the length of a USB 3.1 10 Gbps design.
Check out our USB 3.2 overview in USB University at this link


The Foldable Phone

After decades of dreaming and 20 episodes of Westworld, we have what looks like a real, working foldable video phone and tablet demonstration from Xiaomi. It unfolds into a tablet, it folds into a pocket sized mobile phone.

It certainly looks real. It’s super exciting.  Xiaomi also applied for a patent for a foldable phone as well.

When I look at the edge of the Xiaomi phone in this video, the only way to charge this is probably to use a USB Type-C cable. We can imagine it may have wireless charging as well, but to charge it fast a USB port will be a definite requirement.

Other companies are rumored to have foldable phones in the near future.   No one (including Xiaomi) apparently has a committed date to deliver.


International Standards

In the 1700s, France attracted people from everywhere. Everyone spoke French. (And probably 2 other languages just like today in Europe).  In addition to art and culture, Paris focused on trade. With many cultures in one place, Paris had 250 different measurement systems.    This made trade difficult.  The French invent the metric system.  And Allons-y!, every speaks French and metric.

I only bring this up because USB is the standard to rule them all.

Here’s a fun podcast explaining the origin of the Kilogram, and how the original kilogram has lost some mass since it was built.

The embedded Audio player bel0w should play the Podcast.


For fun, here’s the Wikipedia entry on the Kilogram.




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