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eUSB2 for Lower Voltage Processes and Lower Power

From a Galaxy Far, Far Away (or More Like 2015 ish) The USB-IF anticipated that process nodes would advance to a point where the USB 2.0 standard of 3.3V signally wouldn’t work anymore. Or rather, the IO voltages in advanced process nodes don’t support generating or receiving 3.3V for signaling.

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USB 4.0 – Coming Soon

USB 4.0 will be backward compatible supporting all speeds including USB 3.2 and 2.0 speeds.
Existing devices will be able to connect to new USB 4.0 devices using USB Type-C connectors.
So everything you have at home, should work. Especially if it has earned the USB logo

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Synopsys Embedded Vision EV IP and Robot Farmers

CES featured lots of automotive, AI and robotic innovation. To function in the real world the devices need sensors, and really vision sensors gathering all sorts of “visual” data.  This can really include lots

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USB 3.2 University, The Foldable Phone, and International Standards

USB 3.2 University

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