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Synopsys Portfolio of ASIL ready IP for Automotive

Automotive is a big thing these days. All the stuff needed for cars needs to have a long life, and be super fault tolerant.  It needs to last for years.   Many of the chips ship for 5-10 years for replacements or in multiple model years.  (My guess is this may change as better modules become available. It may be possible to upgrade your cars EV (Embedded Vision) module every year or few years to enable better and better recognition, even if the drive train is the same.

The reason this kind of upgrade might be possible (or necessary) is that the CVV used for each design may change over time. The graphs used (or proposed) are being introduced every month or week now.  Each week these are provided, and then they can be plugged into a system to see.  To me it is very much like a bunch of linear algebra equations that some how improve the precision (hopefully).  What this allows automakers to do is to continually improve the accuracy and speed of the embedded vision if your vehicle.

One thought I like is, for example, if a car maker deployed a system, collected the data daily, then uploaded it via WiFi to the car maker, the car maker could continually measure the effectiveness or accuracy. It could even train the system with all the data (if this is possible) to make the system more effective and then deploy new software based graphs.

The advantage to the Synopsys system though is the hardware based system can be upgraded quickly to create new chips that are much faster than the software.  In this way, a new CVV based EV unit could be generated every month, quarter, or year.  The speed of the system of the recognition would make it superior to a software based approach in the high speed car environment.


In this case, I imagine you could “subscribe” to a program of upgraded chips that arrive every month or year in the mail (Or at the dealer). Each month, quarter, half year, or year, you unplug a module from your car, and replace it with the super fast Synopsys EV based version.

In my imagination, you might even have EV systems that are better trained for New York City or Wyoming (probably no cows to worry about hitting in New York). No I don’t think there are cows on the road everywhere in Wyoming, it’s just an example.

To be clear this is only my imagination running wild. I’ve not discussed this with anyone, nor has anyone presented this idea to me.

I am well aware that Tesla already does upload some kind of data to Tesla from their cars, and they provide some sort of over the air upgrades. I have no idea of what those upgrades or updates are.

I read recently that Tesla sells only a driver assist. It is similar to what you can find in Cadillac or Subaru cars today. It is not an Autonomous system and won’t be for some time.


Anyways, Synopsys is the first company with a broad portfolio of IP with ASIL B ready IP including the EV processor.


Intro to Automotive Standards

World’s first ASIL B EV processor


Synopsys IP Portfolio of IP with ASIL B certification



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