To USB or Not to USB


Synopsys USB IP – Best in the Universe

This afternoon I thought “There isn’t enough caramel in the world.” Specifically, my favorite candy bar the “100 GRAND” has the right balance of caramel, chocolate, and crispy rice in a bite size piece.   Sadly the candy bowls on 3 floors did not have any 100 GRAND bars.

As a poor substitute, I ate 2 Milky Way bars and 1 Twix. They had both had caramel, both totally unsatisfactory.  Now I have to work harder during my daily swim to burn off the extra calories for choosing substandard caramel using candies.  I have to double my swim from 1 hour to 2 hours.  Double the work.

When selecting USB controllers and PHYs, be smart. Pick the right controller, you will be satisfied. Pick the wrong supplier, and you’re working twice as hard to get the same result, and you just aren’t happy.


The problem I’ve faced as a Product Marketing Manager over the last 18.3 years is we continually re-educate our buyers about our product.

A new engineering manager starts off wanting to do the best job possible, at the lowest cost.

Its’s their first design with USB

They look at all the suppliers.

The suppliers have USB.

They look all the same. They imagine all USB is the same.

How hard can USB be? And I’ve got 2000 other blocks.


We spend a lot of time explaining how our USB is different. How it’s clearly better. And why the biggest companies in the world rely on Synopsys for mission critical USB IP.


Reason 1) Experience and Depth of Knowledge

  • Synopsys started developing USB 1.1 IP in 1994
  • Synopsys has been on every specification from 1999 until now. Because we participated in the writing of the specifications, and each revision and ECN, our engineers understand why the specification was written, the way it was written.
    • USB 2.0 Protocol Specification
    • UTMI Specification
    • UTMI+ Specification
    • USB 3.0 Protocol Specification
    • USB 3.0 xHCI Specification
    • USB 3.0 electrical specifications
    • USB 3.0 compliance specifications
    • USB 3.0 electrical testing
    • PIPE3 Interface specification
    • USB 3.1 xHCI Specification
    • USB 3.1 electrical specifications
    • USB 3.1 compliance specifications
    • USB 3.1.electrical testing
    • PIPE 4.x interface specification
    • USB 3.2 xHCI Specification
    • USB 3.2 electrical specifications
    • USB 3.2 compliance specifications
    • USB 3.2.electrical testing
    • PIPE 5.0 Interface specification

Synopsys has intimate knowledge of the USB specifications and why they are written the way they are written giving us the ability


Reason 2) Broad and deep offering of IP

  • Synopsys designed and shipped a Host, Device, Dual Role Device across thousands of designs
  • Synopsys built and delivered PHYS across hundreds of process nodes down to 7nm FinFET nodes
  • Synopsys has knowledge of all parts of a USB design.
  • Our engineers have intimate knowledge of how USB actually works in systems. How different operating systems or drivers work within a system of firmware, OS’s, hosts, devices, and even cables.

Reason 3) The most broadly used USB IP in the world.

  • Did I mention Synopsys is in 1000s of designs?
  • Our customers tape-out a design every 2 days.
  • So by the time you read my next blog, there will be 50 tape-outs (Or 3-9-ish).
  • Our customers tape-out more often that I go to the gym.
  • Our customers tape-out less often than I eat a 100 GRAND bar.
  • How many design wins do we have? Almost 4000
  • Why is this important?
    • It’s important because our customers have integrated, simulated, tape-out, tested, and retested our IP for millions of hours on top of our internal rigorous process.
    • Our customers beat the snot out of the IP.
    • If it fails, we hear about it
    • And yes, SNPS learns and builds the IP better with each customer, each design.

Reason 4) Small and future proofed (for our customers only, call us)


That’s it. The most experienced engineers, building all the parts of a USB design shipped and used in the most designs ever. This makes our IP the best USB IP in the world.

Settle for less than Synopsys, and work twice as hard. (Just like if I settle for less than a 100 GRAND bar)


I’m going to go find an apple. A Fuji apple.  The king of all apples…

(Because there ain’t any 100 GRAND bars to be found)


And I learned what YOLO means from the


An overused acronym for “You only live once.” There is an exception for those who believe in reincarnation or are cats.

And Living in a Dumpster for a year…

The opinions in this blog and it’s title are solely the opinions of the Author, me, Eric Huang. It’s possible it’s not the best USB IP in the universe because I’ve only ever visited this tiny corner of universe. If you know of any off-planet IP that are available, please message me on LinkedIn.  SO I CAN LEAVE THE PLANET…

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