To USB or Not to USB


The Universe’s first mobile phone with USB Type-C and DisplayPort


Always on the lookout for USB products, our Technical Marketing Manager found the Huawei Mate 10 supporting both USB Type-C and DisplayPort.

As far as we can tell, this is the very first phone ever to support both USB and DisplayPort through a single connector (Type-C) with the DisplayPort using Alternate mode.

The Huawei Mate 10 Specifications explicitly state support for DP 1.2.

Starting with the Galaxy 8, Samsung phones support a DeX docking station or display to a monitor through a docking station. It’s a powerful solution with the same use model.  In this case, the docking station is powered through a power cable, and has multiple outputs. It also supplies power to charge the phone.  It really creates the desktop experience.

At my workplace, we no longer allow Gmail access for security purposes.   A colleague uses his personal Galaxy 8 to connect to the guest Wifi.  Using the Dex docking station, he set it up for Gmail access with a full screen experience to a 27 inch monitor.  So he doesn’t need a full laptop.  Less weight, and being able to answer emails quickly with a full keyboard allows him to answer a few personal emails quickly, so he can get back to being productive for Synopsys.


The advantage to using Type-C with alternate mode is the simplicity of the single cable instead of a docking station.

The Huawei Mate 10 allows connection to a DP monitor or projector through a simple Type C cable. On one end it’s a USB Type-C connector and on the other end it’s a DisplayPort connector.

So for travelling and presenting, it’s possible to present from the phone directly to the screen.

The phone has a microSD slot so you can add up to 256GB of memory. This means you could easily load all your business presentations onto this phone, and use it as a presentation device.  Just carry a single adapter as shown in the demonstration.  This allows you to be free to type notes on your actual PC while you are presenting, or others are presenting using the phone.

As shown in the video, you can use a Type-C adapter also to convert to HDMI for display.

if you then connect a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse wirelessly along with the screen, you have a fully functional work station.

For work, the phone can also be used as a backup or on the road work station.   (It will absolutely work for emails, word, and some spreadsheets, and most presentations, It won’t probably be a first choice for a primary workstation.)


One thing that needs to happen, is the phone needs to be charged when plugged it. In this case an actual docking station or a hub with Power Delivery. This allows the transfer of video over DP out and Power Delivery in. I’m going to investigate if this is possible with this Huawei Mate 10.


Here’s the video demonstration of the phone



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Yeah, I’m ignoring the fact that no carriers are selling this Huawei Mate 10 in the US and Best Buy today said they won’t be selling it. The rest of the world can take advantage of these features. In the U.S. we’ll just buy phones manufactured in China (but designed everywhere and China because everyone has engineers in China).