To USB or Not to USB


USB as seen at CES 2017

USB Type-C

So much buzz from CES 2017 this year with the big hitters (IMO) being autonomous cars, IoT devices for the home, specifically security, wearables, virtual reality (VR), 8K TV’s and of course USB everything. Within the space of USB, Type-C was the main theme with cables, chargers, hubs and more abundant from a varied number of vendors.


I was personally very impressed with the Vendor Xentris. Their booth was clean looking and nicely laid out, their booth staff were very knowledgeable on everything USB-C and they were one of the only vendors I saw that were promoting their USB-C chargers using the new, easy for the consumer to understand, USB-IF defined, Wattage ratings.


With many devices only having one USB Type-C port there is a large market for Hubs and at CES 2017 we started seeing just the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you that we will be seeing more and more Hubs hit the market in the future.


Below I think was a very cool Hub, this one is specifically for the new Apple Macbooks. Look at the two connectors, one is Thunderbolt 3 over USB Type-C, the other is a USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gb/s) Type-C. The hub concatenates them using some magic and is able to deliver 5K video to supported 5K monitors.


Amazingly the company that developed the above Hub also asked if we thought USB was disappear in the future, replaced by Thunderbolt… HA! Never. USB is far too entrenched in everyday devices, cost effective, bandwidth to cover 90% of users needs and is becoming the defacto standard for power delivery. Just look at the crazy cool wearable below, it’s a battery belt with integrated USB port for charging your devices.


No joke, it’s got integrated USB !! That’s a big battery too


Finally in my USB section report, I want some of these armored USB Type-C cables.


I’m pretty tough on my cables and I would bet that these cables would take a beating and keep on working.

This is only a really light look at all the great USB products at CES 2017. I was personally amazed with the scale of USB product promotion but it makes sense, USB products are multi-billions of dollar business and everyone wants a slice of the pie.

Off topic of USB, one of the coolest wearable device I saw at CES 2017 was a watch that can read your glucose level without the need for blood. I didn’t get a great pic of the watch but basically the sensor rubs the skin to get a reading. The company is going through FDA approval at this time. IMO this product will be HUGE and is a perfect use for wearable technology.


If you are interested in other fun things from CES 2017, feel free to look at my personal CES 2017 picture site:


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