To USB or Not to USB


USB Saves Christmas

USB Saves Christmas

After 3 days of indecision, my father bought an iPad Pro at Target for a mere $549 dollars. About 200 dollars cheaper than list price, and he got 5% back with his Target Red Card. A great deal.

He brought it home.
Charged it.
Set it up.
Went to bed.
Woke up.
And tried to login.
Entered his passcode.
He had forgotten his passcode.
So while I was skiing (more later on that), he was trying to get into his new iPad.

Apple products, as far as I can tell, are the most secure in the world. So there was no way for him to unlock it without going to the Apple Store.

Fortunately my dad’s favorite son, me, came over for lunch. About 45 minutes in, after he got over the joy of visiting with me, he remember he was locked out of his iPad. After about 30 minutes of trying, and several internet searches, I figured out we need do wipe his new iPad back to factory conditions, and enter a new passcode.

The only way to do this is to use a USB cable, connect it to a PC (or MAC), and use iTunes to do a “Restore” It still took me another 30 minutes to connect it, try it, update iTunes, try again 3 more times, hard reset the iPad, and finally and 30 minutes for the iPad to be wiped clean, download the latest firmware for the iPad Pro. Reset the thing again, then do the restore.

The other option would be to make an appointment at the Apple Store at Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA, on Dec 24, fight the disease-ridden population of Silicon Valley, and work with the Apple Guru to do the same thing. (I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a Apple Pencil for iPad Pro than go to Valley Fair shopping mall at Christmas.

Fortunately because we had a wired connection, we could do a secure, hard reset, wipe, and restore.
Saved me (and my dad ) at least 3 hours each.

USB Saved (our) Christmas.


WiFi with USB 3.0 Storage

The other cool thing my dad bought for himself was a Netgear WiFi AC router. He didn’t like that he had only 8 Megabits per second across the house. So I helped him buy the router at Target, and set it up. The router was the most expensive I’ve ever experienced on sale for $260.

He can now stream data across the house at 80 Megabits per second, just slightly slower than his actual cable modem can achieve. The USB part of that is that we can connect any USB Drive to that router, USB 3.0 or USB 2.0, and use that as central storage for the home. This isn’t really new. This seems to me the be the best implementation I’ve seen. Maybe if my dad buys me this router, I’ll be able to actually test it.

Also, I was able to back up his 20 years of digital photos from his USB 3.0 hard drive to 2 different cloud services. Which was awesome because now he has access to all 11,000 pictures on his phone and iPads everywhere, all the time.

Here the Netgear Router you should buy.

And here’s the last run of my ski vacation.

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