To USB or Not to USB


State of USB Fall 2016 – More Type-C and More Safety

Lots of great new stuff being built. All with USB and USB Type-C.

–          The new Apple Watch Series 2 uses USB to charge.

–          I’ve got a new USB battery/iPhone phone case w so I can use a mini-B connector to charge my iPhone.

–          Google announced the Pixel Phones which will only have a USB Type-C connector

–          Google announced an 18W USB Type-C charger with Power Delivery.  The advantage here is if the phone or tablet or hybrid support USB Power Delivery, it’s possible to charge much faster than the existing 10 W chargers available cheaply and sold for 10-20 dollars.  The added cost in parts to the actual charger and phone is on the order of 1-3 dollars.  Google will sell that Power Delivery charger for $35.   (Apple’s 12 Watt power adapter sells for $19 from Apple which used to seem like a lot to pay for an adapter until a few people died from bad adapters).

–          Related to all of this is testing of existing, new Type C cables.   Google Engineer Benson Leung tests USB Type-C cables in his off time and reviews them.  Leung found a USB Type-A to Type-C cable that kills Google products and analyzers.  After it destroyed his Google Pixel book and an analyzer, he tore down the cable.  He found the wires were incorrectly connected end to end, the resistor used with 10 kOhms vs 56 kOhms, and it was missing USB 3.0 Superspeed wires.

Again, important to get certified, tested cables. I really hope that Google is testing and certifying it’s USB cables and chargers as rigourously as Apple seems to be.

–          LG started shipping the first USB Type-C monitor (that I’m aware of).  Cult of Mac reviews the LG 4K monitor which, in addition to USB Type-C, includes a Quick Charge USB port, a USB 3.0 port, 2 HDMI ports, and a DisplayPort input.  This monitor is the perfect example of how it’s critical to have multiple options for video output or input on your devices. It increases the options consumers have or system makers have.

Here’s an video update from Jeff Ravencraft on the state of USB today with updates on what’s going one.  He’s super articulate and we appreciate him visiting with us each year at IDF in the USB pavilion to talk about what’s going on in USB.

And some Soccer Jokes

Q: What is a ghosts favorite soccer position?
A: Ghoul keeper.

Q: Why can’t Cinderella play soccer?
A: Because she always runs away from the ball.

Q: Why don’t grasshoppers watch soccer?
A: They watch cricket instead.

Q: What kind of tea do soccer players drink?
A: Penal-Tea

Q: What is it called when a dinosaur gets a goal?
A: A dino-score

Q: What position do ghosts play in soccer?
A: Ghoulie

Q: What lights up a soccer stadium?
A: A soccer match

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