To USB or Not to USB


USB goes feral


My family and I were given the opportunity to travel to Orlando to visit Universal Studios with Family Forward. If you have not visited Universal in Orlando before or have not been there for a while you can read about it here which also includes a summary of all the great new and coming attractions. I travel a lot for work but tend to stay in the same “business” hotels. This vacation trip we stayed in the Loews Royal Pacific and got the opportunity to visit the brand spanking new Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. These hotels exhibit the proof points that USB is by far the most prolific charging interface in the world.

I snapped off the picture above from our hotel room. Having a USB charging port integrated directly into the normal mains power socket area really helped us keep our multitude of devices charged. I also travel with a dual USB charger but having extra USB charging ports made it far easier to charge our phones, tablets, cameras & smart watches. (Yes, we travel with far too many gadgets)

But what amazed me more was at the beautiful Loews Sapphire Falls resort. In the spacious reception area were a mix of tables, integrated into these were again mains power and dual USB charging points.



I love the above picture, the classic flowers, beautiful table with a subtle integration of the charging station. Great job Sapphire Falls Resort for embracing technology and making sure their customers can keep their devices powered while enjoying the reception area.

Off this topic I finished the remote controller track vehicle I’ve been building


It turned out ok, it’s not as fast or powerful as I would have liked but as my nick name is “More Power Mick” is pretty typical for me to want things faster 🙂

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