To USB or Not to USB


Part 2: USB Type-C to replace the 3.5mm head phone jack

Last week I blogged about how USB Type-C would replace the 3.5mm audio jack in the future. I asked the readers to comment on what they thought about this. Below is one of the comments I didn’t approve


At first it seemed as this was a normal spam comment but then I thought it might actually be relevant. When devices switch to the new Type-C connector and decide to use this as the audio jack replacing the old 3.5mm jack, then consumers might be required to purchase new headphones and headsets. Manufacturers of these new headphones and headsets will love this, a huge mass market with somewhat forced adoption. Highway robbery!!! Well not really….

If you are already using a Bluetooth headset (like me) then their is zero impact. To be honest IMO this is the main usage these days. In most USA states it’s the law to only use hands free communication in the car which usually means Bluetooth technology. Once in a while you still see a wired connection, old style headset, but the majority of usage is Bluetooth. But will this be the case in the future? As noted last week, doing audio over USB Type-C has many advantages.

Apparently this change is also on Steve Wozniak mind:-

Quoting the last part of the above Businessinsider article

“If there’s a Bluetooth 2 that has higher bandwidth and better quality, that sounds like real music, I would use it. But we’ll see. Apple is good at moving towards the future, and I like to follow that.”


Forget Bluetooth, 2!! Audio over USB Type-C could be just what you are looking for. Audio over USB Type-C enables the replacement of analog signaling with digital end to end connectivity. No more digital to analog conversion to push the signal over the 3.5mm jack connection. Pure digital all the way to the ears. The option of pure digital connectivity is enabled by using USB Type-C connections. YAY!

Last week I also asked you to guess what this pile-o-parts was going to be


Well a couple of Synopsys folks guessed correctly, this will be a new remote controlled tracked vehicle. Below is what it looks like now.


I’m waiting for new motors, these were just two I had in the garage but they are 15 RPM so far too slow. I’m also going to build a lightweight shell over the top of it. Once it’s full operational I’ll take a video of it in action.

Finally I hosted Eric up here in Portland Oregon this week. As a little entertainment I met him for an archery session out at the pubic archery field in Portland’s Washington park. For Eric’s first time I was amazed with how quickly he picked it up and his accuracy.

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