To USB or Not to USB


USB IP and National Moth Week

USB IP and National Moth Week

Happy Moth Week!

It’s the 5th Annual National Moth Week here.


I turned on my radio, and heard the words “..younger than these other animals…”  And thought, that is a a terrible way to describe young delegates at a political convention.


Then I realized it’s Science Friday.

Here’s what I learned about moths.


Moths are Nocturnal.  Butterflies are Diurnal.  So if you see it at night, it’s a moth.

Moths have fuzzy antenna.

Moths do not nest. This means they fly farther, and carry pollen further.   This is critical for keeping plants / crops pollinated.   This is probably the biggest reason we should care about moths.  Often considered a pest, and essential to agriculture and botany.

This is similar to IP providers.

USB IP providers carry USB IP long distances, making sure USB blossoms in semiconductors everywhere.


Type-C has made it’s way onto phones.  Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 will ship with a USB Type-C connector. And a little adapter so if you have old Samsung micro-B chargers, you can keep using them.   Going forward, you’ll be able to use Type C cables and chargers.  Read more here:

Speaking of chargers, with Type C and USB there’s a USB Authentication standards which will be used to help make sure the charger you are using is genuine.

This is especially important since there are so many cheap chargers. Most notably a death in 2014 attributed to a cheap charger.  The Director of the mobile phone business of the store selling the charger is facing huge fines.

Read about that here:


The new USB Authentication Specification will allow companies like Samsung to sell Samsung certified chargers that meet safety standards.  Or they can certify chargers. Or they can restrict phones to work with only certified chargers.

Read about the specification here



Or even a third party might be able to certify chargers generic or otherwise that are “safe”.  We can expect to pay more one way or the other.


USB Authentication doesn’t guarantee a product will be safe. It makes it much more likely if it’s certified as genuine, the manufacturer will put the effort into making a safe product.


With USB Authentication, it’s likely the chargers will be safer.  Let’s hope it’s adopted. Let’s hope people buy those chargers.


Q: Why did the elephant wear red sneakers?
A: So he could hide in the apple tree.

Q: Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
A: To hide in cherry trees.

Q: Why do elephants hide in cherry trees?
A: So they can jump out and stomp on people.

Q: How did Tarzan die?
A: Picking cherries.

Q: What do you get if you cross an elephant with a kangaroo?
A: Big holes all over Australia.

Q: What kind of elephants live at the North Pole?
A: Cold ones.

Q: What’s more difficult than getting an elephant into the back seat of your car?
A: Getting two elephants into the back seat of your car.


Q: Why did the elephant wear sunglasses?
A: With all the silly elephant jokes going around, it didn’t want to be recognized.

Q: What do elephants do for laughs?
A: They tell people jokes.


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