To USB or Not to USB


VESA DisplayPort USB Type-C certification now available – Hot off the press

This week VESA announced the availability of the Early Certification Program for USB Type-C Devices Using DisplayPort Alt Mode.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) is officially launching its early certification test program for products incorporating the new USB Type-C connector and the DisplayPort Alternate Mode (“Alt Mode”) standard.

The Synopsys DesignWare IP supports both the latest USB 3.1 Gen 2 specification, Type-C and the DisplayPort alt mode. What is interesting to know is that there is not unified USB and DisplayPort testing. Both USB-IF and VESA think that while you can do either over the new Type-C connector that the certification process for each will remain separate. This is the right choice in my opinion as Type-C usage is very flexible and not all products that use Type-C will have both USB and DisplayPort integrated.  Having the USB and DisplayPort certifications separate is better for the product developers as if their product does not include one or the other then testing is simplified. If their product contains both then not problem either, both certifications can be gained.

If you haven’t already, please read last week’s blog, personally I loved it. Great analogy to why you should never skimp on IP and should always seek out the highest quality, reliable and robust IP. The funny thing is just this week at DAC a customer was complaining about the cost of USB IP but in the same sentence noted that due to a 3rd party USB 2.0 IP (NOT Synopsys’) that they suffered 50% yield. Even worse, the USB was only for debug, manufacture firmware load and test, it was not even a user accessible port. Of course if your debug port is dead you are up that creek without a paddle. This was a high volume device, 50% yield was killing this customers profit costing the company millions of dollars. When you compare what is at risk from lower quality IP it’s easy to justify paying a premium for the highest quality, reliability and robustness from a trusted supplier like Synopsys.

Finally a fun picture from a dinner while I was at DAC. Can you name the individuals in the picture? And more importantly, who ruined the photo with the bunny ears?


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