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USB 3.1 and Type-C Arrive at CES 2015

Great news!

USB 3.1 kicks off the new year in real products at CES 2015.

Nokia demonstrated its the world first mobile device with the Type-C connector. It’s the Nokia N1 Tablet.

Nokia N1 with Type C Connector
Nokia N1 with USB 3.1 Type C

Don’t waste your time looking for videos of this on YouTube. They don’t exist, just junk videos (but if you find a real video, comment below), all the articles you need are linked below but here are the details.  Or go to the Nokia N1 Site here

The units went on sale in China and apparently sold out in just minutes.  I’d like to think it’s because of the new USB 3.1 Type C connector. (I suspect it’s because it’s an reasonably priced, feature rich tablet with an Atom processor it.

The USB-IF also demonstrated two SSDs, super fast ones that probably operate at 10Gbit/second read speeds. They connected these to a device that made them into USB 3.1 SSDs or mass storage devices.

Also, MSI announced the world’s first two PC motherboards with USB 3.1, one for desktops (I think) and one for laptops.  According to Anandtech, one will ship in February with the Standard A USB port that we all know and mostly love on Billions of PCs.  MSI boards with the new Type C Connector will be released in Q2.

Anandtech actually got a PC Motherboard version with a Standard A port supporting USB 3.1.  The motherboard uses a discrete USB 3.1 Host chip from ASMedia.

To create a USB 3.1 Device to test with, it looks like they take to SATA III SSDs, connect them to a ASMedia chip that treats them like a RAID system.  Doing so allows them to access both SSDs simultaneously.  This is important because SATA III maximum theoretical 6 Gbps.  Real speeds are limited by several factors (read this old blog on Factors Effecting Performance).

Since USB 3.1 is 10 Gbps, and SATA III is 6 Gbps, the RAID configuration allows the user to get speeds up to must faster speeds, In this case about 170% faster than the native PC USB 3.0 port on the same motherboard.

Read the Anandtech article here

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The Best USB 3.1 Webinar In the Universe

Finally, we had a fantastic USB 3.1 Webinar in January with 10s of thousands of attendees (maybe a few less than that). Watch the Webinar here.  Matt Myers, our USB Architect, and an author of the USB 3.1 Specification, USB 3.1 xHCI Host Specification, USB 3.0 Specification, and the USB 3.0 xHCI Host Specification.  He’s also written stuff for something called PCI Express.  I hear it’s popular. We’ve sold it over 1000 times according to our press release (compared to USB over 3000 times)…

Anyways, this most fabulous webinar points you to the trends and timings for when USB 3.1 products are likely to appear.  And after the best 23 seconds of your life listen to me talk about USB 3.1 market trends, you can listen Matt’s dulcet tones with technical content on protocol and physical layer changes to USB 3.0 to make USB 3.1 possible.

3 Jokes

The only time incorrectly isn’t spelled incorrectly is when it’s spelled incorrectly.

A magician was driving down the road, and then he turned into a driveway.

In the Miss Universe pageant, why are all of the winners from Earth?

A salesman knocks on a door and a little kid answers. The kid’s got a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other. Salesman says, “Are your parents home?” Kid says, “What do you think?”

Two penguins are standing on an ice floe and one penguin says, “Have you seen my brother?” And the other penguin says, “I don’t know. What does he look like?”

A bird in a tuxedo walked into a bar. The bartender said: “Nice tuxedo.” The bird said : “How do you know I am not a penguin?”

How did the tree get on the computer? It logged in.

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