To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 IP Prototyping Kits from Synopsys (and More!)

USB 3.0 IP Prototyping Kits from Synopsys (and More!)

The super awesome news is that we just made your software engineering and hardware engineering tasks easier and faster.

In my 14 years in USB IP, a huge problem for us and our customers has been FPGA prototyping.

For our customers back in 2000, they would have to:

  • Spend time building a FPGA board or
  • Spent time adapting an existing board with an FPGA that might not meet timing or have capacity
  • Spend time adapting a board to work with a PHY card
  • Try to acquire a PHY card (or build a PHY card)

In fact, used off the shelf FPGA platforms from 3 companies, then built our own custom boards.  It was painful.

  • So we acquired Synplicity just so we could have the FPGA tools and boards to prototype USB 3.0.
  • (Note: We did not purchase Synplicity just so we could prototype USB 3.0 more easily)

Typical customers need to prototype to test architecture, develop software, test PHY or SERDES chips.

By having these prebuilt systems available with HAPS, our customers can do all of this immediately with USB 3.0 Host, USB 3.0 Device and USB 3.0 SSIC Host or Device).

(Oh and a bunch of other protocols including HDMI 2.0, DDR, MIPI,  and PCIe.)

This is all part of our IP Accelerated initiative to help our customers save time at every step in their design flow. 

For more on how we save customer’s time around integrating IP, read this article from by Peggy  Aycinena over at EDACafe.

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And here’s a neat video “I Won’t Let You Down” from OK Go. (I think it should the Synopsys IP theme song)


Jokes – Read Mick’s “Breaking the Three Laws

The computer programmer’s wife had a baby and the doctor handed the baby to the father. His wife said: “So, is it a boy or a girl?” The programmer said, “yes”.  Read Tom’s “A View from the Top” blog

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Two penguins are standing on an ice floe and one penguin says, “Have you seen my brother?” And the other penguin says, “I don’t know. What does he look like?”

What does IDK stand for?” “I don’t know.” “OMG, nobody does!”

There are two types of people in the world: those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

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