To USB or Not to USB


Accelerated IP, USB and You

Accelerated IP, USB and You

Saturday and Sunday I spent about 10 hours this week walking 10 miles dropping off over 500 flyers for my friend running for San Jose City Council. I learned the following:
1) People have nicer lawns and gardens than me
2) People have worse looking lawns and gardens than me
3) More people living in apartments vote than people in single family homes
4) People are really friendly and polite
5) Even the people who want you to go away (“No Solicitors Please, see the sign?”)
6) You probably won’t get shot after dark in San Jose as long as you are holding a clipboard and wearing shorts
There will be a prize for a math problem at the end of this blog related to the data above.

While I wasn’t getting shot in a dark suburban San Jose I contemplated our Accelerated IP program.

Accelerated IP and You

IP Accelerated combines engineering years of time savings and productivity enhancements that really does speed your time to market (and money).

Execs Explain IP Accelerated

Watch our John Koeter and Joachim Kunkel talk about what it all means.

Here’s the YouTube Link

My thoughts

IP Accelerated goes beyond the 3 pieces everyone gets from us
1) IP – Digital Goodness
2) PHY – PHY Goodness
3) Verification IP – Simulation goodness

And Adds the Accelerated IP part
4) IP Prototyping Kit with – Faster IP design and debug
a. HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping Platforms (say that 3 times fast)
b. With options of an implemented digital core (or 2 IPs like USB 3.0 or PCIe)
c. With options for a PHY card
5) Virtual Prototyping Development Kit (VDK) – Better control and visibility
a. An ARM microprocessor with Linaro OS (basically Linux)
b. Integrated with 3rd party debuggers (good ones ostensibly) that make it easy for you to use the software debugger you like
c. Eclipse-based Virtual Prototype Explorer for more control and visibility enabling hardware breakpoints (synchronized with your above favorite debugger).
d. Virtual Prototype Explorer for quicker analysis through better views
e. Scriptable scripty thingees for easier reproduction of events/issues/opportunities to improve your design
6) Subsystem Integration Services

IP Prototyping Kit Demonstration
In addition to some good music, this nicely summarizes what an IP Prototyping Kit is, I’m not sure why Asheesh gets music, but I think I need to add some music to my next video.

 Here’s the YouTube Link

Virtual Prototyping Kit Demonstration
I thought the example in the demo here was interesting. 

Here’s the YouTube Link –


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By the way, I just learned that there is a mountain range called the Denali Mountains in Alaska. I understand the Denali Mountains are lovely and full of bears that can run at 35 mph (70kph) or faster.
So for Goodness sake stay inside the tour bus to take pictures because I’m not coming out to save you when the bear rushes and tries to eat you.
But I will put the video up on YouTube.

For more on IP Accelerated (a lot more and better written go to the Press Release Here

and go to our

Math Problem at the end of this Blog

Assuming an average stride length of 0.60 meters, what was my average cadence while delivering flyers? A winner will be chosen from all the correct answers. The winner will receive the acknowledgment that their math knowledge is better than mine.

And me at DAC Last Year (and still trying to be as funny as Mick)

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