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USB Success Persaso with Wireless and USB 3.0 and New Media Agnostic USB Standard

While reading the Fortune article “40 under 40” which lists the 40 most influential people under 40 years old I thought two things:
1) Maybe I’m on this list
2) I don’t remember being interviewed
3) I don’t remember being under 40

Peraso success with Synopsys IP and HAPS

Peraso Success with Synopsys USB 3.0 IP, AMBA IP, ARC microprocessor IP and HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping platforms.

Peraso specializes in making wireless chips based on the 802.11ad standard.  It transmits data at gigabits per second and will scale over time to speeds as high as 7 gigabits per second.  This is much faster than USB 2.0, and for this reason it needs, USB 3.0 to move date to and from the wireless chip they’ve made.

You can read the Peraso Success Story here or click on the image to the right.

Peraso used our USB 3.0 digital IP and PHY IP for USB.  They used our small, power efficient ARC microprocessor and our AMBA IP to connect the Synopsys IP to the Peraso IP.

Long before silicon, they used our HAPS FPGA-Based Prototyping platforms.  By prototyping, it helped them have first time silicon success. Watch the video below for a quick explanation from the CTO Brad Lynch of how fast they got their first silicon up with the help of HAPS prototyping and our IP.

Note: The 802.11ad standard formally called WiGig. 802.11ad is now (sort of) under the WiFi working group in the IEEE.  

Why would Peraso or any 802.11ad product maker choose USB 3.0?  In addition to the fact that USB 2.0 fast enough, it turns out that USB 3.0 is and will be the most common way to connect a mobile processor to a wireless chip. Having USB 3.0 as an option on that chip gives Peraso access to the entire laptop and PC market, and also the mobile phone, tablet, phablet, and mobile application processor market.  Plus the TVs and Set Top Boxes that have USB 3.0.   USB gets Peraso the widest possible market access.

The timing of Peraso’s chip and it’s availability is fantastic as the USB-IF ratified the Media Agnostic USB standard, so keep reading after the jump.  This means a USB dongle,  a device that looks like the image below could be plugged into your TV, and instantly be used to transmit data/video using 802.11ad protocols.


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Media Agnostic USB Ratified

 The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) finalized the Media Agnostic specification which allows you to use any “media” wireless or wired to transmit data using the USB protocol.

The coolest thing about this is that you can then use USB protocols and a standardized USB driver (which will exist soon) for transmitting/receiving wireless data from a device, like the Peraso USB device.  So every PC, TV, set top box could have the standard driver, and you could plug in a Peraso or another Media Agonostic USB device in and it will “just work” the way a keyboard, mouse or flash drive works today.

So it will be super easy to use USB with the Peraso chip, or any WiFi-AD or even WiFi-AC chip.  It allows USB to use any wireless chip as way to use USB wirelessly.

You could also use a 10Gigabit per second Ethernet cable too if you wanted to because it’s “agnostic”.

Note:  This specification actually comes from the WiGig/802.11ad working group originally

I’m going to call Fortune now to see why they didn’t interview me.

Other than I’m not under 40 or influential.

Interview with Peraso CTO – Time to Market with Synopsys IP and HAPS

Media Agnostic USB explained by USB-IF President and COO

Just in Case: Here’s the URLs to the Peraso Interview and the Media Agnostic USB interview in case the links above don’t work or are lost.

Peraso Success Story

Media Agnostic USB explained by USB-IF President

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