To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 Docking Stations for Apple PCs and Tablets, Synopsys at IDF, USB Humor

MacBook Air using USB 3.0 to display on 4 PC Monitors

DisplayLink has now shipped millions of USB 3.0 Docking Stations in branded items from pretty much every major PC manufacturer in the business.  They expanded their support to Apple PCs so or MacBook Pro and MacBook Air can now connect to a docking station and support multiple monitors, gigabit Ethernet, and your favorite full size, ergonomic keyboard and mouse.  I should note that this isn’t an Apple branded docking station.

This is significant because DisplayLink developed their own USB 3.0 drivers to run on top of the standard Apple USB 3.0 stack to support the DisplayLink chips.

In the demonstration video below, you will see a single, small MacBook Air connected to a docking station.  The Docking station is connected to 4 monitors.  Two directly from the docking station, and another 2 via USB to another docking station.

The best part is that this docking station, this setup can be used for Windows PCs also.  Pretty Cool yes?

Belkin Tablet Docking Station

In the second demo, a Windows 8 tablet is connected to a touch screen monitor.  The monitor is a high resolution monitor with an HD camera. 

Although designed for a Tablet, this same hardware could be used with a Table or a standard PC or even a Mac with the right drivers installed on the device.

Here’s our demonstration with John Cummins, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing for DisplayLink.


Here’s the original DisplayLink Success Story where we talk to the Vice President of Engineering

Hey, if you had licensed our USB 3.0 IP, maybe you’d be shipping lots of USB 3.0 products too like DisplayLink or Realtek?

DisplayLink will be at IDF again this year.  Probably a good guess that they will have docking stations.

Synopsys at IDF

Synopsys will be at IDF in San Francisco Sept 10-12 this week.  We will demonstrate USB 3.0 and SSIC in the USB Zone.  We will show off our HAPS platform (as we always do) and some USB 3.0 PHYs that have never been seen before in public.


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“Something’s going on contrary to the laws of the universe. I must find out what.”

Try naming the TV show this quote is from (without using Google).

USB Funny Stuff – USB Lighter

This is a USB Lighter. I kid you not. I do not lie.  You have to watch this video for the happiest USB commercial you’ve ever seen (excluding some smart phone commercials)

The Jii lighter charges in any USB socket, and can be used outdoors

At one point, the USB Lighter says

“I work in wind and rain.”

You will see just before the Jii is plugged into a PC, the Jii Lighter says, “When I get tired, take off my pants and plug me in to recharge”

Yea, I can’t even make up stuff this good.

After some investigation, I learned the yellow colored one is out of stock, but there are 4 others they have in stock.

Thanks to Agent W for sending me this video, and Agent G for translating.

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