To USB or Not to USB


DisplayLink at CES 2013 – Docking Station with a Tablet

Here’s some lost footage, I’ve just found from my visit to CES 2013 with DisplayLink.

John points to ASUS, Lenovo, and HP Docking stations using the DisplayLink chip.  Most interesting, John Cummins, VP of Marketing, demonstrates the Dell Monitor with a Built In Docking Station used with a Tablet towards the end of this video.  (Couldn’t we do the same thing with a SmartPhone?)

There is another demo in the middle of the video that I’m not writing about at this time. I think it might be the first actual published video of this concept.  Watch the video to find out.  It’s not an insignificant demonstration.

That’s just a picture: the Video should be embedded below.

If the video isn’t properly embedded, then you need to go to YouTube here to view the DisplayLink CES 2013 video.

The great thing about DisplayLink is their customers keep coming out with more and more great products.


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Captioning by YouTube

Here are the captions that YouTube provided for this video.  You can see exactly how accurate they are.


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