To USB or Not to USB


State of USB – Spring 2013 – Part 2 – Wireless Routers

Now that you are back from the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s meeting in Omaha, filled with Gorat’s Steakhouse steak and Dairy Queen goodness, your thoughts naturally turn to USB 3.0 and ask:

Where can I find USB 3.o in WiFi?

After you read about wireless drives in last week’s entry, you need a fast router that is also WiFi-AC to connect quickly to other “stuff” on your network.  A USB 3.0 Host port on that router lets you create an in-home, personal cloud for everyone to share the same pictures, videos, and tax records across all your tablets, PCs, and phones.

WiFi routers with USB 3.0 with the slower, widespread WiFi-N standard have shipped since March 2013, over a year now, with more in December.  Those routers had USB 3.0 host ports on them, but you were actually rate limited by the speed of the WiFi. 

Back last summer, there were no USB Dongles to speed up your PC.  One WiFi-AC dongle that did exist was rate limited because it used only USB 2.0 (that was last year, and I thought I blogged about it, but apparently I was on vacation).

The first USB 3.0 WiFi dongle is the Trendnet WiFi dongle written about here just 3 weeks ago – Go here and read this then come back here.

By the way, since Realtek (our USB 3.0 customer) is the only company to announce availability of a WiFi-AC chip supporting this, I’m guessing this is the Realtek chip. This is a pure guess.

WiFi-AC Routers with USB 3.0

The first WiFi-AC routers only had USB 2.0 host ports.  So you were rate limited by the speed of the USB 2.0 host port into your drive.  WiFi-AC could go up the 867 Mbps, while the USB 2.0 storage drive could operate no faster than 320 Mbps (if it has good drives).  Now, you have WiFi-AC routers with USB 3.0 Host ports.  So you can create your personal cloud, a fast personal cloud at home and in your small office with one router and one USB 3.0 drive.

There’s the D-Link AC1200 Router which you can read about at engadget.

and the Netgear R6520 WiFi-AC Router which you can read about at MaximumPC.

So finally, the world comes together to make a fast, in-home personal cloud using WiFi-AC and USB 3.0. 

I should note that any transaction can be limited in speed based on several sources of latency. Check out this blog entry on latency for more info.



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