To USB or Not to USB


World’s First WiFi-AC Dongle with USB 3.0 Hits the Market


TrendNet started making the world’s first WiFi-AC Dongle with USB 3.0.   It says it supports speeds up to 867 Mbps.  This is important because the USB 2.0 dongles can’t even come close to this at effective speeds of 320-350 Mbps.  USB 3.0 can deliver 3000-3500 Mbps.

So this dongle actually delivers the speeds WiFi AC promises.  USB isn’t the bottleneck.

So why would I need 867 Mbps when my internet service is only 1-20 Mbps?  Because you are connected to a WiFi Router that has a USB 3.0 Hard Drive (or Flash Drive) attached to it for central storage of your pictures, videos, and vacation plans (That sounds better than Tax info doesn’t it?).

Read about those first WiFi-N routers here:

But wait!

You want a WiFi AC router with USB 3.0?

Well that was announced recently too by Netgear. You can read about the first WiFi-AC router with USB 3.0 built in here.



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