To USB or Not to USB


Why my Video Cameras and Digital Cameras really need USB 3.0 – Part 4

So here’s the projected retail price of a 256GB SSD with fast flash inside it

What this tells you/me is that the same SSD Crucial drive I bought from Amazon in February 2013 will drop in Retail Price to $18-40.   Remember, since you’ve read the other 3 articles, this means you can now take this super fast flash memory and drop it into a digital camera (or mobilephone or tablet) for much less than this. And if you are Apple, if you charge more tha $18-40, you can increase your margin as well.  If the margin on flash memory in this case is between 30-50%, with this retail pricing, then increasing the price of your product by 40-200 bucks (as some fruit company does) gets you a huge margin.

Again, you could do this today with 64GB of flash and it’s what the Papapa company does with it’s products charging 200 bucks for the additional 64GB of flash and paying probably 30 bucks or less for that flash memory.

Of course, you need USB 3.0 on the device to make it worth while to embed flash this fast.  And this is the whole point.  Add value with fast flast, add USB 3.0 into your product.


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Oh, and something exciting is coming to To USB or Not To USB.

Hard to Imagine.

I know.

It could be mind numbingly boring.  You know, think of it that way, so when it arrives you will be like “Wow!”

Have a great week.

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