To USB or Not to USB


Double-Speed USB 3.0 – Why it’s needed, really – Part 2 – USB and WiFi

I had lunch with a friend today.

By today, I mean 9 days ago.

Yes, well, I think he’s a friend.  He and I are too cheap to subscribe to Cloud services to back up all our pictures and data for our home computers.

We’ve both purchased USB 3.0 Hard Drives.  He backs his up using software. It records small changes (deltas) and backs up once a day.

I just plug in my USB 3.0 Hard Drive, and copy everything, in one copy session, to the drive. (I don’t trust backup software).  I do this once a month.

Total cost annually: $89 per drive, lasts for 3 years.

Cloud Services for 250GB upwards of $100 annually.  Why would anyone pay for this? unless they are fabulously wealthy.

And even with USB 3.0, when I’m backing up my 100GB of personal pictures and videos it still takes about 30 minutes.  I don’t know if this is typical for most users.

I suspect that for many people they either

  1. Don’t backup their files
  2. Assume the Cloud will keep their pictures forever
  3. Let someone else manage their pictures
  4. Would love to backup their pictures if it wasn’t such a hassle.
  5. Use software, like my “friend” that hopefully will restore your files if something goes wrong
  6. The rest of us use USB because it’s relatively cheap and portable and doesn’t require proprietary software.

Ramble done.

I think the trend will move toward WiFi Routers like the WiFi-N Router that has a USB 3.0 Host port.  If you connect a USB 3.0 Drive to that port, all the PCs in your home (and tablets) can store your content wirelessly to this wired USB 3.0 Hard Drive.  You can seen an example from CES 2012 (1 year ago) in the DLink WiFi-N Router below.  This seems like a likely scenario also, but again, with USB 3.0 you will need to wait 15 minutes or more to really backup 250 GB of data


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Here’s me, today, this morning

Note also the ads in the lower right. I’ve never put an age on my Facebook account.

Thanks to Navraj Nandra, author of our blog “The Eyes Have It” for taking this picture of me and sending it to his 3000 Facebook friends.

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