To USB or Not to USB


Success with USB 3.0 PHY and Core IP – Sunplus

Once and awhile a customer steps forward to tell us “Hey, we really like your IP, let us tell some other people.”  Or in this case, an 3rd Party called TechValidate. SunplusIT integrated our USB 3.0 PHY and Controller into their SoC. They also used our HAPS platforms for prototyping.

What’s interesting (to me and maybe to you) is that Sunplus tells us they feel our Area, Power Consumption, Features/Capabilities, and Performance are Highly Differentiated, compared to other IP providers. You can read the Case Study below.

For those of you that work in the industry, you understand that the PC peripheral market can be a shark infested, “bloodly market” if a company in a highly competitive market can use our IP to help differentiate their product, that seems interesting to me.


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Synopsys’ USB PHY IP – Blatant (spelled correctly this time) Marketing Pitch

In addition to great digital USB IP, we have USB PHY IP. Oh yes, you know that because you read the SunplusIT Case Study above

Check out our USB 3.0 PHYs here at our USB Solutions page.


We’ve recorded some fantastic videos to help you learn about USB 3.0 with some technical detail. We think it’s the best stuff you’ll find that will help you get up to speed on the USB 3.0 protocol. If you are a current customer or thinking of buying our core or starting a design, you will need to come here get the links to “USB University”

I’m telling you about this now, but not giving you a date to torture you. It’s like hyping a movie. Except this 7 hour movie will arrive sooner than this summer.

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