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USB 3.0 Movie Kiosk

On my way to a meeting in Nebraska, followed by a meeting in Oklahoma, I passed through an airport with a USB 3.0 Movie Kiosk.

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590 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Products, DisplayLink Design Wins and a USB Slingshot

The USB Implementers Forum announced it has certified 590 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Products.

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USB 3.0 in the Digital Home–Part 2

With TV’s as the primary display, people plug their SD cards and USB sticks/drivers directly into their TV so they can watch their content directly.  Every TV in China supports this today.  Possible due to the high availability of digital content (piracy).

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USB Power Delivery Profiles


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Synopsys at the Innovators Developer Forum IDF 2012 and a Reader Comment

I know many of you are on the way to San Francisco for this event. I love seeing all our customers and friends at IDF each Fall.   Here’s the highlights.

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USB 3.0 in the Digital Home–Part 1

If you are like most people…

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USB on Mars

My thanks to 42 readers who sent me this video. Clicking on the image below will take you to the website with the video. Watch the first 1.2 minutes.

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USB and Thunderbolt in 90 seconds

A Blog Reader kindly forwarded this video to me explaining the differences in USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Thunderbolt.

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Take the USB Quiz–The Children of USB

I asked a gentleman a few questions about USB products, and non-USB standards.

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DisplayLink Success Story–USB 3.0 Device, PHY, and HDMI

You read last weeks blog on HP shipping a USB 3.0 Port Replicator / Docking Station with the DisplayLink chip. See the cool picture below of the HP product.

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