To USB or Not to USB


First WiFi-AC Adapter criticized for NOT having USB 3.0

I incorrectly reported the first WiFi routers with USB 3.0 ports support WiFi-AC or 802.11ac in a previous blog.  In fact, those routers use WiFi-N will MIMO or multiple antennas and dual radios.  They still make use of USB 3.0 because the WiFi-N speeds with dual radios can achieve 450 Mbps which far exceeds maximum effective throughput of USB 2.0’s 320 Mbps.

So, in fact, the first WiFi-AC Adapter DO NOT support USB 3.0.  Which is just weird because WiFi-AC routers are expected to achieve speeds nearing 1 Gbps.  This one advertises 900 Mbps.

The Netgear A6200 is one of the first WiFi-AC adapters and it uses only USB 2.0.  What this means is that the USB 2.0 is the bottle neck and you can NEVER ACHIEVE WiFi-AC speeds.  Never Ever.

You can read the article at EverythingUSB where they wonder why NETGEAR didn’t (use USB 3.0).

 “More important than the speed boost is the fact that NETGEAR A6200 is the first of its kind so until 802.11ac integrated laptops come along, you have this to tap into the potential of 5G WiFi technology. While the A6200 is backwards compatible with everything from 2.4Ghz 802.11n to aging 802.11b, there is one issue worth mentioning, the NETGEAR supports only up to two streams so the theoretical limit of this 802.11ac USB adapter is 900Mbps. That’s almost double the bandwidth of what USB 2.0 can provide. No has to wonder why NETGEAR didn’t make this a SuperSpeed USB device to begin with since most early adopters have USB 3.0 anyway.”

Read the full article at Everything USB

So, USB 2.0 is just WEIRD when USB 3.0 is really required.


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Black Friday Humor

Black Friday is our big shopping day here in the U.S.  Big sales, low prices.  XBox’s, PS3s, and Wii’s on sale.   I went shopping from Thursdsay 1130pm to Friday 145am, mostly at a my local Target store. My first attempt at Black Friday.

The deals are so good, whole families go out to Target and stores to get the best deals.  Here’s a picture of a kid wandering around Target an 1am, along with lots and lots of other kids.

Black Friday Kids at Target at 1am


The PS3 I wanted was completely sold out.  I watched as people carted out huge 55 inch TVs, one after another every few minutes.  There’s nothing funny about this story except that Target employees wear red, I wore a red Polo jacket  and people kept asking me questions like:

“Do you have any more of the Sony 42″ TV’s left?”

“Can you find the Toshiba 55″ TVs?”

“Where can I find the Nikon camera on special?”

“Will you have any more PS3s or XBoxs today?”

I conclude from this: I look like someone who works at Target on Black Friday.

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