To USB or Not to USB


Conversation Central Season 3 Launches with Ridiculously Ubiquitous USB, A Romantic Blogger Comedy Movie

Everyone knows about USB

Karen Bartleson, leader of the standards world, interviewed Jeff Ravencraft, leader of the USB world.

They talked about USB.  Click on the picture below to go to Karen’s “Conversation Central” to see the The Ridiculously Ubiquitous USB”

Jeff (left), Karen (right).

Actually, Karen is the President of IEEE and Jeff is President and COO of the USB Implementers Forum.

I should point out that Karen is the first woman president of the IEEE in history.  Maybe I should interview her for this USB blog.

(I was tempted to embed the interview here, to keep you here, but you might enjoy watching the video there and following Karen through Season 3.)


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Romantic Comedy – A Bloggers Love Story (30 second movie trailer)

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