To USB or Not to USB


The World’s First 2 Wireless Routers with USB 3.0, PCI Express Blog Launches Today


Corrected November 29, 2012 – Thanks to reader Glenn for the info – The world’s first 2 Wireless WiFi Routers supporting USB 3.0 started shipping recently fro Netgear and D-Link.

The Netgear Centria (WNDR4700/4720) and the D-Link HD Media Rounter (DIR-857) support the WiFi-AC standard which promises data rates of 450 Megabits per second and faster.   This is much WiFi speeds faster than the maximum effective throughput of USB 2.0 which is 320 Megabits per second.  See a comparison of data rates in tomorrow’s blog.

WiFi-AC is based on the IEEE 802.11ac

Here you can see the back of the Netgear Centria Router taken from the Netgear website.

WNDR4700 Product Diagram Backview

The 2 USB 3.0 ports let up connect up a USB 3.0 hard drive which everyone on your network can share.  Because it’s USB 3.0, the drive (which is pretty cheap now) isn’t the slowest part of the design. The faster wireless lets you get to your movies, music, and files faster.  Below you can see the write up on D-Link HD Media Router which provides USB 3.0 ports for the same reason.


CNET reviews the Netgear Centria and the D-Link HD Media Router at those links for in-depth reviews.

Go to to read about the Netgear Centra here.  Go to D-Link to read about the D-Link HD Media Router here.

The interesting thing in the CNET review of the D-Link router says that the WiFi should really be speedier to catch up with the USB 3.0 data rates.

I like that kind of thinking.

New PCI Express Blog  “Express Yourself” Launches Today

Scott Knowlton is an expert in PCI Express.

A standard no one knows about.

Thus the blog.

Scott Knowlton in 2012 Clothing and Eric Huang in 1980s Clothing

Scott Knowlton (left), Me (right) in 80s clothing and glasses

Scott is also has a great sense of humor.

Go read his blog Express Yourself

When you are done with my blog. Read to the bottom.


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Something Funny

At home I received an issue of “Women of China” 

It’s in Mandarin and appears to be a business women’s magazine.

photo (2)

As you may know, my name is Eric Huang, which is not a female name so I’m curious as to who put my name on that mailing list.

I think it was Scott Knowlton. Our PCI Express Product Marketing Manager.

Now you can go read his blog Express Yourself

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