To USB or Not to USB


The World’s First USB 3.0 BluRay Player and DVR from Panasonic


Panasonic quietly started shipping the world’s first BluRay Player/Recorder and Digital Video Recorder with USB 3.0 included.




I will be the first to admit, this is a high end machine.  It has a 3 TB hard drive integrated into the design and (apparently) can record lots of channels at once.

Reading the Google Translated text in the web page below, you can record up to 3 independent video streams at once on an external USB 3.0 hard drive.

Again, high end. I’d like to think this will be next year’s mid market set top box and recorder.



Here’s the original source page

I’m guessing you can also connect a USB 3.0 flash drive to this box and look at content from your PC or maybe even your USB 3.0 digital video camera or mobile phone.

Once again, Panasonic leads the way in the digital home with USB 3.0 and fully integrated WiFi.

In addition to these 2 interfaces, the Panasonic DTVs with USB 3.0 from this older blog entry also includes a integrated webcam.

It makes sense for DTV chip makers to include additional USB 3.0 Host ports inside the TV to connect to:

1) SD Card Readers

2) Webcams

3) WiFi chips


This allows the same DTV or BluRay chip to be used in both high end and low end models.  It also allows for upgrades to faster WiFi or better Webcams.  It also allows the TV makers to look for cheaper suppliers by using standard USB chips.


Expect more USB 3.0 Digital Home products soon.  Thanks to Agent T for putting me onto this Panasonic USB 3.0 BluRay Recorder and DVR.



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USB Gadget

I would buy one of these, but I’m not sure it is real.  I would never lose my tiny USB drive again.


I could take these to meetings, transfer files around the table.

The only thing is:  I suspect my messy fingers would quickly stain this tie.

Thanks to Agent H for the picture/product.

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