To USB or Not to USB


What makes USB 3.0 hard to do? and Fundraising for Second Harvest Food Bank in California

USB 3.0 is here now, in mass production.  It actually took longer than some people thought it should.

Of course Renesas and TI were out with USB 3.0 Host Chips early on.  The Innovator ships USB 3.0 out with Ivy Bridge for PCs including every new Macbook Air and Pro in the world.

There was/is a huge challenge in building a USB 3.0 xHCI Host controller good enough to go into a PC, interoperate with at least 2 operating systems, and work with 1000s (or billions) of USB 2.0 products and making it work well.

Your friends at MCCI wrote about this in a EDN article “The Challenges of USB 3.0.” Click on the image below to link to it.




You can read that article, then read EDN’s coverage of MCCI’s TrueTask USB.  I almost understand MCCI’s product after reading that article.




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Fundraising for Second Harvest

Synopsys has a culture of giving.  I’m the “Ambassador” for the “The Incredible Synopsoids” team in our “The Amazing Raise” fundraiser.

The Incredible Synopsoids Team is Hannah Watanabe and Darcy Hickey-Pierce.  These 2 terrific people record many of the blog videos.


Hannah you can see below, laughing at my pain… (Blooper Video link at the bottom).



Here’s a promotional still from their fundraising video.



Hannah and Darcy will donate the money they raise to Second Harvest.  Second Harvest gives food (for at home preparation) to people who can not afford to buy food.


Children benefit the most.  1 in 5 kids in the U.S. are hungry and go to bed without dinner each day, even in Silicon Valley, California.  I like Second Harvest because it helps feed these kids.


In the U.S. we call places like Second Harvest “food shelves” and they need food all year long.  Food shelves have lots of food during the end of year holidays, and less food during times like now.


If you are in Mountain View or Sunnyvale or nearby, you can find Hannah and Darcy here at Synopsys.  Money and canned or dry food donations are accepted.

From where you are sitting right now (anywhere in the world), you can donate money.   Find me on LinkedIn by searching on “Eric Huang USB”.  Link to me, and I will link you with Darcy and Hannah. (Please write  “Second Harvest” or “To USB or Not To USB” in your invite/message so I know who you are).  (You and find them both on LinkedIn also)

Donate to Darcy and Hannah, and maybe you get to see the action adventure video they recorded (no promises).


Blooper Video with Hannah laughing at me (Darcy in the background laughing) is here.  It seems that video never gets boring.

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