To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 in the Digital Home–Part 2

With TV’s as the primary display, people plug their SD cards and USB sticks/drivers directly into their TV so they can watch their content directly.  Every TV in China supports this today.  Possible due to the high availability of digital content (piracy).


Camera to TV or USB Flash Drive to TV

As mentioned in the previous blog,USB 2.0 ports so you can plug your camera directly to your TV to look at pictures right away.

USB 3.0 on the TV lets you load pictures faster for viewing

USB 3.0 on the TV lets you load video faster for viewing.

You could say, “The video is compressed.”

I’d say,“Sure, but you still need to stream the video fast enough so it continuously streams and looks good on your 60 inch TV”

You could say, “It’s still doesn’t seem like you need USB 3.0, but I see your point.  Any other made up marketing reasons?”

I’d say,  “Yes, you will move music and videos faster because the TV will be your portal to the internet”

You would say, “What?”

The next logical service for your TV is automatically uploading your content from the camera and SDXC cards to the internet.  Simply connect the camera to the TV, the date and time and GPS coordinates are already on the photos and videos.  It automatically displays them for you, and gives you a choice to upload them to your favorite website, or Facebook or something else.  You need the speed to keep up with the fast integrated internet.

So how does your TV connect to the internet then?  Read the next blog entry for that answer.


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Me at IDF (with others)


From Left to Right

Karen Bartleson, Host of Conversation Central and Writer of “The Standards Game” blog.  Google Convesation Central

Jeff Ravencraft, President of the USB-Implementers Forum.

and Me

We are standing in front of Soup Freaks on Mission, 1 block from Moscone Center.  I highly recommend their Lentil, Turkey Sausage Soup.  They do breakfast too.

Karen interviews Jeff for an upcoming episode.

I interview Jeff.  I sound dumb.  Jeff sounds smart.

Those videos are coming soon-ish.


USB Humor

I’m not sure I understand this

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