To USB or Not to USB

USB Power Delivery Profiles


The USB Power Delivery standard will allow up to 100W of power to be delivered to or from devices. 


There is an error in the first slide.  Correction is after the Jump

Keep in mind that the power provided over USB is limited by the wire gauge or thickness/diameter of the cable. More thickness = more cost.  You can carry more current.

Also remember that power can go in either direction with USB Power Delivery.

For Profile 1, we can image a tablet powering a flash drive or a keyboard and mouse through a USB 3.0 docking station.

For Profile 2, the USB 3.0 docking station can charge the tablet and ultrabook.

The ultrabook could power a monitor of up to 22 inches (maybe more) using only Profile 3.

For Profile 4, we could see super fast charging of a table, or support of even larger monitors and many more peripherals.

We can imagine Profile 5 used in desktops and laptops and monitors plugged into the wall and moving power over thicker USB cables.   Existing connectors and cables can probably be used for up to 36W, but read the spec first.



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Correction: USB 3.0 Power is from Host to Device NOT Device to Host

Something Funny from Agent K

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