To USB or Not to USB


USB 3.0 in the Digital Home–Part 1

If you are like most people…

… you aren’t reading this blog.

It also means you have one of these items with USB 2.0 in your home

1) A PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 or Wii

2) A Set Top Box for your cable, DSL, or Satellite TV.

3) A BluRay or DVD player purchased in the last 5 years

4) A TV purchased in the last 5 years

USB and Digital Home

My unsupported assertion is that most TVs shipped have a USB 2.0 port to accept USB Flash Drives.

(Also, the ports can be used to update the firmware on your TV as my friend did on his Sony TV).   Even if you don’t see the USB on the outside, since these chips are often used in PC monitors as well (1 chip many applications) the USB is available somewhere inside the SoC.

I ran out of time, so I will update the Internally column tomorrow (probably).


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Reader Mail

A brave journalist blogger tried to connect 127 USB 2.0 devices to a Win 7  PC.  See the picture below.


From my reading of the article, each time the blogger plugged in a new devices, it took longer and longer to install drivers.

He stops when he reaches 100 USB peripherals because he’s stayed up all night.  Also probably because he hit the deadline for submitting his on-line article which you can read here (in Japanese).


Thanks for sending material in. I can’t use all the internet articles/videos you send me, but I will try.


USB Shoe

This shoe is controlled via HTML and USB.

USB Dancing Shoe
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