To USB or Not to USB


DisplayLink Success Story–USB 3.0 Device, PHY, and HDMI

You read last weeks blog on HP shipping a USB 3.0 Port Replicator / Docking Station with the DisplayLink chip. See the cool picture below of the HP product.




And you watched all of last week’s videos, and saw how DisplayLink demonstrates working products and describes how their chip adapts to the available USB bandwidth.


DisplayLink uses Synopsys USB 3.0 and HDMI IP.  Specifically our USB 3.0 Device and PHY IP.

So we interviewed DisplayLink’s Vice President of Engineering to see what DisplayLink actually liked.





Read and share the DisplayLink success story on the USB 3.0 Device and PHY here , as well as HDMI Transmitter Controller IP and HAPS system, with your friends.



Forward this Blog Address to all the people in your IT department, then buy a Port Replicator / Docking Station with a DisplayLink chip for your Home Office for your new Ultrabook:

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Running in 92 Degree Heat

The best thing about running in 92 degree heat is:
a) When it’s over
b) It isn’t 93 degrees
c) That no one else is stupid enough to be out running in 92 degree heat so the path is clear

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