To USB or Not to USB


USB Power Delivery up to 100W of power, Specification Goes Final & Public

USB delivers power, enough to charge your mobile phone or tablet, but slower than you want.  You need more power for faster charging, so the inventors of USB invented USB Power Delivery. 

The specification is now final and approved by the USB-IF.

USB 3.0 delivers up to 4.5W of power for charging.

This is an improvement of over USB 2.0’s 2.5W.

The Battery Charging 1.2 specification delivers up to 7.5W of power over USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cables.  This is typically a wall charger, plugged into an outlet. Circuitry in your Kindle Fire or mobile phone that says “I can deliver up to 7.5W of power” and the phone says, “Bring it” (Or “I can handle Battery Charging 1.2 so go ahead and deliver the amps so can charge at with 7.5W of power”).


The big deal with USB Power Delivery is that

  1. It works with either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
  2. Delivers power in either direction from the Host to the Device or the Device to the Host
  3. You get to have a single cable for both power and data
  4. There’s lots more power

For example, your Monitor could charge your PC OR your PC could power your monitor.

At the same time, the USB cable would deliver the video from your PC to your Monitor.

Power Delivery


More on USB Power Delivery tomorrow




Borrowing Humor

You’ve been enjoying the Summer Olympics.  Here’s my favorite commercial, courtesy of Sears.


Sears Commercial


This, to me, is the best Home Appliance Commercial Ever Made.

It has nothing to do with USB, but I might have something tomorrow.

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