To USB or Not to USB


Informal Benchmarking USB 3.0 on MacBook Pro and Other Upgrades


The Macbook Air and Pro include a backup and restore function called Time Machine.  You backup your MacBook to an external USB Drive (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Drive).  Time Machine lets you restore from this drive, and it automates it so your software and documents are exactly as you left them.

In this example from Bleeding Edge TV, the Andru Edwards restores a new USB 3.0 MacBook Pro using USB 3.0 in 27 minutes compared to 6-7 hours with a USB 2.0 drive.

Click on the Image below to read the article and watch the video.




You might not need to restore your machine that often, but hopefully you back up your entire hard drive at least once a month.  You can backup your PC during dinner rather than run it all night long.  Seems to me the power savings alone is worth it.

95 W PC running a 30 minute backup or

95 W PC running a 7 hour backup

Remember, the MacBook Pro also features the fastest SSD internally.  This is important because cheap laptops will have slow. cheap spinning hard drives so the performance will not match that of the video above.

For a the MacBook Pro SSD explanation, read this blog entry.

For the speed differences for a Hard Drive, actually, I don’t have a blog entry on that.


Geek Dad USB product review of a USB 3.0 Drive

You can read a normal person’s review of a USB 3.0 Drive below.

I would like to point out that Monster products are overpriced, but they generally deliver on their promise without you needing do lots of research.




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