To USB or Not to USB


Windows 8 available October 26, 2012 (with USB 3.0), and a Demo with a Win 8 Beta

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky announced the availability of Windows 8 today as reported in the Microsoft Win 8 Blog a few hours ago.



For USB 3.0, it means every PC with Windows 8 will have the USB 3.0 driver support.  (Windows 7 PCs with USB 3.0 have driver support. Those drivers come


To celebrate this announcement, we have a demonstration of our USB 3.0 Host running on a Windows 8.




Our demonstration uses:

  • Public Win 8 Beta drivers
  • with our USB 3.0 xHCI Host controller
  • and USB 3.0 PHY
  • on HAPS51FXT FPGA-Based Prototyping hardware.

And we run the USB 3.0 compliance test too. So, at least, you know it works in this setup.

My points:

Win 8 Launch Date Oct 26, 2012

Win 8 is good for USB 3.0

Synopsys tests with Win 8 USB 3.0 drivers (already)





Comments from Bloggers and Reviewers of Bloggers


My colleague Michael Posner writes a blog on FPGA-Based Prototyping.  He wrote a blog on my blog on USB 3.0 on a HAPS61-2 platform. In his review, ChipDesign’s Ed Sperling said the following:

“Synopsys’ Michael Posner pays homage to one of his colleagues and fellow bloggers, Eric Huang—who was alive and well at last sighting—while focusing at least tangentially on FPGA prototyping. We’re not quite sure of the real purpose of this blog, but it’s hard to stop laughing. “

At least go to Posner’s blog to see terrific screen shot of me.  Check out Michael Posner’s blog talking about me and maybe even FPGA Prototyping here or by clicking on the headine below



More Comments

If you don’t want to post a comment below, feel free to find me on LinkedIn, tell me who you are, and ask a question about USB.

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