To USB or Not to USB


Synopsys USB 3.0 Device and PHY on HAPS61-2

You’ve seen the USB 3.0 Device and PHY and USB 3.0 Host and PHY in plenty of demonstrations on the HAPS51T-2 and HAPSFXT platforms.

Including our:

1) Fastest USB 3.0 in the Universe and

2) USB 3.0 interoperability with the USB 3.0 Compliance Gold Tree


Today, here’s the demonstration of our USB 3.0 Device Controller and PHY on the HAPS61-2.

USB 3.0 Device on HAPS 61-2


This HAPS hardware uses a Virtex 6 part with both more capacity for logic and is faster.

One other point:
We used the exact same constraint file from the HAPS61-2 on a HAPS61-1 and it worked.  The –1 is a slower speed grade Xilinx part.   (Your mileage may vary)





Donuts today, first time in 9 weeks for me

I ate half of 2 chocolate donuts today.

I’d share the other halves, but it was the top half in both cases.

Also, check out this new IQ news website from the Innovator for fun.   I found an article able a guy that has eaten 25,000 Big Macs…

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