To USB or Not to USB


The First Commercially Available Tablet PC with USB 3.0–Microsoft Surface, Maybe Soon


As stated by the CTO of the USB-IF, USB 3.0 hits tablet PCs this year with the Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro PC Tablet.

This is much earlier than I would expect.  It would be better if Microsoft announced a date for availability.


The Microsoft Surface PC uses the Ivy Bridge chipset found in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro,

In this PC World Article, you can see a comparison of all the announced tablets.  Only Microsoft Surface has USB 3.0.

This follows the announcements previously:



Fancy Friday

I was asked to promote Fancy Friday.

I responded with a challenge: Write Haiku’s promoting both USB and Fancy Friday.

In the old days, business people wore ties and suits all the time every day.

  • On Friday, you might have Casual Friday.
  • No tie or dress shirt on Casual Friday.
  • Maybe jeans

In the Silicon Valley, we wear business casual clothing.

  • For Marketing, this means no ties.
  • For some engineers this means sandels, shorts and t-shirts.

Casual Fridays is the opposite of Fancy Fridays

  • Superman vs. Lex Luthor
  • Or Batman vs. the Joker

On Fancy Friday, according to some, you wear a formal business clothing.

Here are the Haikus to promote Fancy Friday and USB

Please find below the 3 haikus you’ve requested. In our infinite wisdom, we have gone above and beyond and provided a 4th haiku, free of charge. The fourth would make for a good intro on your blog. Let’s change the way our industry dresses on Fancy Fridays!
The ball’s in your court. Smile


  • Challenge accepted
  • We will write you three Haikus
  • so you’ll blog for us


  • In my cube I read
  • “to USB” cause it’s free
  • Haikus are easy


  • USB traffic
  • A forest of Golden trees
  • Engineers unite


  1. Ditch your jeans and tee
  2. A new change to your Friday
  3. Formal attire

Matt Bartleson

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