To USB or Not to USB


Samsung Exynos 5 Smartphone & Tablet chip with USB 3.0

I came across this Samsung tablet & smartphone chip with USB 3.0.  You can clearly see it has USB 3.0 as part of the design.




Even more fun, a Samsung says that this will go into a Samsung Galaxy 3 smart phone.  This means phones and tablets.


This makes the Samsung chip the 3rd tablet or smart phone chip that will definitely have USB 3.0.

TI OMAP is the first for tablets, and clearly goes into phones also.

The Ivy Bridge chip for PCs should go into tablets, but doesn’t appear to be made for phones.

And the Samsung Exynos 5 chip which looks like a tablet and phone chip.



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I had lunch with my Mom and Dad Sunday. 

I told them about a video I planning to record.

The videos will be recorded by our most excellent marketing team of Darcy Hickey-Pierce and Hannah Watanabe of Conversation Central. (As usual do not click on that link stay here because you may not come back).

Back to the Video: My Mom and Dad both gave advice on how to put the proper market messaging in my video.

At this point, I realized, my Mom has never read my blog or watched my videos.

Which means I’m the only one who reads it.



Just Great.


Remember Mother’s Day is May 12th in the U.S. 

Celebrate and send your mother a link to this blog.

Maybe your Mom will read this blog.

My Mom does not.

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