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The Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive in the Universe (maybe)

I posted a blog “Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive?…” back in January.  I got reader e-mail.

An kindly reader wrote in:

“Look at the Lexar Triton (USB 3.0 Flash Drive)… (It gets USB 3.0 Performance numbers like) 155MB/s read and 150MB/s write … it is “among the fastest”

(Let’s call this reader Mr. Snarkman.)

On the advice of Mr. Snarkman, I bought one on Amazon, and tested this USB 3.0 Thumb Drive below.


Fastest USB Flash Drive in the Universe?


In the video, you will see USB 3.0 Performance of USB 3.0 Flash Drive:  we get 178 MB/s read and 172MB/s write.

Why did we get 20% faster results at Synopsys?

Is Lexar’s marketing under reporting so their customers can be pleasantly surprised?

You know why.

You know why because you’ve watched the video above at least twice and read the blog, “The Fastest USB 3.0 IP In the Universe?…” 

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Why our measured performance is better

The reason we get better performance:

  1. We used the Synopsys Host IP on HAPS optimized for performance
  2. along with MCCI Win 7 drivers optimized for performance.

Interestingly, it also means the Lexar embedded flash, the NAND flash, is capable of faster speeds than what Lexar advertises.

Final Words

This Triton 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive sells for about $80. Well above the price of a USB 2.0 Flash Drive, but it performs at least 5x faster.

If you’ve bought an Ultrabook (all of these have USB 3.0), then you really want to get one of these drives for backing up your data fast.

Most importantly, the Lexar USB 3.0 plug retracts into the metal casing.  The metal case is sturdy.

(I destroyed a cheaper, $20 USB 3.0 Flash drive I bought months ago.  This happens when you throw the drive in your bag, and the USB plug gets torqued. With a plastic casing, it bends and the electrical connections break.)


If you are buying a USB 3.0 Flash drive, look at the Lexar Triton for this reason AND for the performance.

I bought one for myself to replace the cheap plastic one.

And to show customers, here’s an example of a well designed USB 3.0 product (along with some DisplayLink products).


Thank you Mr. Snarkman for the suggestion to test the Lexar Triton.

Everyone else, suggest more products, maybe we can test it.

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