To USB or Not to USB


World’s First SSIC Demo again

Here’s the longer, more detailed version of our USB 3.0 SSIC demonstration.   It’s 7 minutes.  It’s going to be the best 7 minutes of your day.


SuperSpeed Interchip Proof of Concept–Long Version


If you want to watch the shorter version (or more of a description) go back to last week’s blog here for a written description of the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Interchip (SSIC) demo.

I meant to post it Thursday last week, but apparently I lied.


This Blog Address moved to:


Last week I wrote “…someone pointed out to me that no one is going to ever watch these videos twice.”

I received this comment in response, “Eric you are right, I’m never going to watch theses videos twice”




Thanks very, very much.

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