To USB or Not to USB


IP Summit with USB 3.0 IP, Blooper

We’re having an IP Summit  March 28 in Santa Clara.  As with all our seminars, it’s based on visiting 100s of customers a year.

Topics Include:

  • Analog and Physical IP
  • PCIe
  • Embedded Memories (Embedded Test and Repair)
  • Audio IP
  • Non-volatile memory (NVM)
  • DDR
  • USB 3.0 on HAPS – or USB 3.0 – Ready, Set, Integrate


The USB 3.0 one is extremely practical.

I highly recommend it for anyone considering using HAPS for FPGA prototyping OR anyone building USB 3.0 on an FPGA platform.  We go over USB 3.0, HAPS FPGA prototyping, and specific steps for integrating USB 3.0 into FPGA.

How do I know it will be useful?

All our 40+ USB 3.0 customers have needed some or all of this information.  So we developed this training. 

If you use our USB 3.0 it will be useful.

If you don’t use our USB 3.0 it will be useful.

Send your junior engineers

Send your senior engineers.

Send yourself so you can look smart when you tell your junior engineers and senior engineers what to do.


Look at the entire IP Summit agenda here (

Register. Attend.


Do it.


Do it now.






In exchange for 150 views of our Japan IP R&D Team Video, I promised a blooper video.

We are now at over 325 hits making it one of the most viewed

Here’s our Behind the Scenes video.




This Blog Address has:


** I owe Dian a donut for her comment on the Fastest USB 3.0 IP Performance in the Universe***, so I still have 9 donuts left.  Otherwise, I’m giving all 10 to Dian.

***It still might not be the fastest, but send me a demo of a faster USB 3.0 and I’ll give you 2 donuts. Offer still limited to 10 donuts.****

****If you are wondering why I offer donuts read “Kindles and Donuts” here

The blog is over. Go register for the IP Summit here.

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