To USB or Not to USB


Duty Free USB 3.0 –at the Japan Airport, To USB or Not To USB, Analog Insights, MIPI OnTheGo

If you can buy something in the airport, it’s mainstream product, right?   This Duty Free USB 3 Hard Drive sells for 147,000 Yen at Narita Airport.




I like saying “Duty Free USB 3.” It rhymes.

The 147,000 Yen price = 189 dollars.  A little pricey, maybe because every imported electronics device into Japan carries a heavy premium.  It’s about $120 at Amazon or most on-line stores.  At Everything USB review of the Elecom rikiki USB 3.0 Hard Drive puts it in number 2 out of 4 tested units range of performance for a “bus powered” USB 3.0 drive.

USB Factoid

Bus powered USB = Uses power provided by USB port on your PC.  You don’t need an extra cable just for the power adapter.   All Flash drives work this way and some hard drives

Self-powered USB = You need both a USB cable and a power cable.  For example, all USB Printers require both a power cable and a USB cable.

(Yes I know a lot of printers use WiFi and never use USB. )


My point is: You can buy this USB 3.0 drive in the airport.


Other Synopsys Blogs – Analog Insights and MIPI OnTheGo

I’m reluctant to recommend other blogs at Synopsys because:

  1. They are well written and useful
  2. If I refer you to them, they may get more blog hits than me.

Here are 3 (more) blogs to check out.

  1. Our recently revived “Analog Insights” blog has a new blog author Hélène Thibiéroz.   She writes practical blog entries including the most recent “10 tips to improve performance using HSPICE.” 
  2. Our MIPI Product Marketing Manager Hezi Saar writes about mobile standards in “On The Move”.  Take a look at Hezi Saar’s entry on USB 3.0 SSIC using the the MIPI M-PHY
  3. I’ve recommended Navraj Nandra’s “The Eyes Have It” before.  His most recent entries relate to 28nm process nodes and beyond.


(After you’ve sampled those blogs, come back)


Back to me.

The Writer of this Blog, Me

Forced by our Social Media Experts to do this “Meet the Blogger” video or Synopsys would suspend my yearly allotment of donuts.

Here’s the video.


To USB or Not To USB Blogger Eric Huang

The makeup and hair for this video shoot was unnecessarily time consuming.


Last Chance of the Fastest USB 3.0 Flash Drive

You guys aren’t even close to guessing. Comment below.  Maybe the winner will get a USB 3.0 Flash Drive.

Answer key next week.


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