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Windows 8 from a Flash Drive


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Thunderbolt vs. USB 3.0 at IDF 2011

At IDF 2011, we saw a lot of new Thunderbolt peripherals. Mostly storage, but a few docking stations. I will post my pictures of those tomorrow.

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First Windows 8 Demonstration of USB 3.0 at Build, IDF 2011 1 Billion plus USB 3.0 products

1+ Billion USB 3.0 Devices in 2 years

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Digital Downloads, Donuts (Free Donuts) or “How the Kindle made me fat(ter)”

Occasionally, we have donuts in the office.  They magically appear.

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Windows 8 to support SuperSpeed USB 3.0

It’s finally official, Windows 8 will support SuperSpeed USB 3.0.  Microsoft’s blog really lays out all the virtual and real hardware testing that Microsoft has to go through to make sure the drivers work, and work well. with billions of USB products.

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Dropping USB 3.0 Host Chip ASPs

DigiTimes reports that Renesas (formerly NEC) will drop it’s USB 3.0 Host chip prices to $1.20 in 2012

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iPad, iPod Frustrations and the Digital IP Life

As I visit Amazon EVERY day for a few minutes, I look for books.  Digital Books.  Which means that more of the money I make goes to Digital IP.

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TI OMAP 5 for Phones & Tablets with USB 3.0

Here’s a TI promotional video for their upcoming TI OMAP.  I highly recommend you take a look at the entire video.

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Microsoft Store, Windows 7 Phone & Tablet PC Reviews

So that I don’t have to re-name this blog “To Apple or Not to Apple.” Here’s my really surprisingly, super positive experience at the Microsoft Store in the Mall of America.  

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iPad 2–My Review

After about 4 weeks with the iPad 2, I’m really surprised at what I’m using it for.

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