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Kindle Fire Tablet, Kindles and iPads on Planes, 40+ Real ASIC Design Wins



Eric's Kindle Fire
Eric’s Kindle Fire

I opened my Kindle Fire today (upon returning from Asia).
I’m pleased but underwhelmed.

First Impressions:

1) Great Screen
2) Heavier than Kindle 3rd Generation, much heavier than iPod
3) Fast Browsing
4) Interface as responsive as the iPad
5) I have no content (except for lots of books with talking animals in those books).

But, I can stream video from Amazon Prime, so that is a bonus. I can now cancel my Netflix account completely after 4 years, despite a tiny selection of streaming videos.

I can also borrow 1 book a month from Amazon’s lending library as long as I pay for Amazon Prime.

Still it isn’t an iPad, or an iPod or an iPhone.

For $200 it’s a great deal for anyone looking for a tablet for e-mail and light surfing and buying lots of stuff on Amazon.

It has a larger screen than the iPod at $200, but you won’t go running with a Kindle Fire strapped to your arm either. 

One thing the Kindle Fire does not do is Text-To-Speech.  So, I guess Amazon doesn’t really love me. (Yes I’m still mining original Kindle review because it’s the one people have most commented on or e-mailed me about.) You can read how free donuts go together with Kindles here.


Formatting blogs – We switched our website around. We were continually getting hacked.  I have no idea why anyone would hack my lousy blog.  So the formatting on this might really be bad.  If so, I apologize, and applaud your efforts as you read down this page.


International Flights – Kindles and iPads

I noticed lots and lots of people with either Kindles or iPads.  I noticed more people reading on their iPads than I normally do.

I sat next a some poor CEO who got stuck in a middle seat in economy with people like me sitting on the aisle.  She said, "This is going to sound stupid, but I mostly read on my iPad." "I don’t play games," she said.

So I guess the KindleFire gets the Amazon crowd to upgrade to a color screen (and staying up  all night reading because of the active light source keeping their brains awake).

Amazon also grabs the people that stood outside HP (next door to us) to get a TouchPad who actually didn’t stand outside, but want a supported product.

My point is: Apparently, a lot of people read, and they like to read, but this Tablet extends the reach to other people who don’t read, but want a nifty, cheap tablet. (It’s possible that reading and wanting a nifty tablet are not mutually exclusive as well)

Yes, I know, if you’ve followed the Kindle Fire launch at all this isn’t new.  I have to say, I’m a bit underwhelmed at the moment, but after I transfer some legal video content from my Tivo to my Kindle Fire, I might feel better.

(Late Note: I found that I have a digital copy of “The Dark Knight” in the Amazon Cloud, so I’m listening to that while I finish this entry. In just 5 seconds it had enough downloaded to start playing the movie).

The thing that I like about the iPad 2, is that when I buy a video or app, it automatically downloads to my desktop, and I can sync the content with all my other devices quickly.  I can’t do that with my Kindle, and I’m not planning on re-buying content, so I might end up buying another iPad rather than 2 more Kindles.  I don’t know yet.


40+ Designs, 30+ Customers for USB 3.0 digital IP and PHYs

I’m really proud of our R&D and Support teams who built and supported tape-outs of real products in real chips at real customers like DisplayLink and Realtek.

I should point out the 40+ design wins are for actual ASICs that have already started, or have finished, and not just FPGA prototypes.  Corporate strictly regulates formal announcements, so we provide the most accurate data we have. We count real USB 3.0 products.

Here’s a video from DisplayLink explaining why they buy IP from suppliers that have lots of customers.


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